Head-end system

Head End System using IS 16444 DLMS Standard for downloading data from smart meters. The Objective of the HES is to acquire meter data from smart meters automatically from remote avoiding any human intervention, monitor important distribution parameters, providing the meter data for accurate billing, auditing and power quality supply analysis purposes. As per the schedule of the respective meter, Head End System takes the decision to download meter data. Head End System initiates command set based on the configuration file of the meter.

The configuration file can be generated using GUI which contains settings as communication port of smart meter, ipaddress, baud rate, list of OBIS Codes to be downloaded from meter. On Successful download of meter data HES generates raw file which contains encrypted data. Raw Data file gets translated to the readable/integration format by the translator module. General integration formats are MIOS, csv etc. HES maintain the readings of all the smart meters which helps in monitoring of violations. While translating smart meter data HES performs Active Energy violation and takes the decision to disconnect if required.