• VERTICROSS India Private Limited (VIPL) is a company comprising professionals to address businesses in “VERTIcals aCROSS” all IT and related areas of automation and management.
  • VIPL is primarily a system integrator proficient in delivery of IT services, digital and business solutions to its customers globally, with deep focus on technology in the Power, Water, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Security & Surveillance sectors.
  • VIPL’s key strength/expertise is in “data acquisition” from complex and challenging utilities like power grids, water distribution systems, etc., and building analytics on the same for more effective monitoring, control, forecasting and future planning.
  • VIPL's workforce comprises of a team of experts chosen from various industry practices and possess strong domain, technical and project management skills. Our goal is to build and implement cost-effective and scalable solutions, optimized and customized to meet the customer’s most vital requirements.
  • Our unique Research & Development team interfaces with institutions and industries to build products and solutions that are on par with the industry's best standards and practices.