Why Verticross


1. Projected plan and journey of the company

Digital Transformation is the key to achieve a well-manicured standing in the global information technology graph. We intend to use our domain expertise and strong technological capabilities to be a leading solution provider in the areas of digital advances in mobility solutions, IOT, smart embedded devices, data analytics, business intelligence and social media. The journey towards achieving this begins with implementation and adherence to the following key structures:

  • Re-envisioning operational processes, business models and customer experience
  • Top-Down approach
  • More stress on “how” than “what”
  • Effective leadership
  • Ensure customer value
  • Outcome based approach

2. Distinguishing Verticross

Differentiation is the key to market positioning, and we intend to infuse the importance and criticality of “Positioning” to assert the company’s business model and marketing approach. To be effective, Positioning must be compelling, clear and differentiated based on:

  • Design: Our products have a unique design and impeccable appearance. The components which make the product are best in the industry.
  • Service Model: The service model of Verticross is process oriented which identifies and rectifies critical areas.
  • Technical Expertise: The combined domain knowledge in Verticross is more than 75 years which make us stand strikingly different.
  • People: Our top leadership has proven credentials and expertise worth more than 60 years in different domains of their excellence. Our leaders are strikingly different on their own but are similar in their approach towards company’s progress.

3. Conveying Verticross’s unique signature to various stakeholders

We believe in successful outcomes delivered through innovation. Customer satisfaction is at the highest level of our mandate, which we aim to achieve through effective leadership and unparalleled solution delivery. We wish to use Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) models to improve performance in business processes to meet global standards in corporate citizenship, innovation, responsiveness, speed and adaptability. Employees of Verticross are the biggest asset and we treat them as true path finders for Verticross’s innovative product development.

4. Aligning best talent to the company

Verticross is best suited for those who have immense domain expertise and exhibit proven credentials. We very well understand the importance of retaining the best brains in the energy & utility sector. We value our employees and give them independence in their professional work culture and at the same time they are responsible and accountable. They follow a well lubricated process system which make them get the feel of total involvement.

5. Genesis of our product lines

We at Verticross inherit the idea of diversification. Renewable energy leads the pack of our considered approach which include Power, Water, Solar and Wind. All the products and solutions which provide a technical edge over others in order to manage and govern the production, transmission and distribution of energy give us a window to manufacture and produce the best to meet the customers’ requirement. Other areas of focus are IOT, machine learning to provide the expanse of reach and minimum manual interaction in monitoring, controlling and governance.

6. Credentials of Verticross’s team

The leaders of Verticross have proven domain knowledge in leadership, design & development, business acumen, team management, product customization and technology evolution. Different teams under the leadership have a combined workforce of more than 50 years of experience in their respective fields. The team does not re-invent the wheel but does value addition.

7. Verticross forging ahead

At Verticross we aim to front-end the needs of power, water, solar and wind sectors by partnering with OEMs through our expertise in system integration and analytics. We consort with well versed OEMs to give a customized solution in water, wind, power and solar fronts. As a System Integrator, we have combined technology with work ethics, performance, product quality and efficiency.